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Growing Up Scared

By Patrick Regan This past month, as I’m sure you noticed, was October. If you didn’t, you might want to check and make sure you don’t have any missing time. It being October, the...

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Studio Assistant

Candidates must be organized and efficient self-starters with the ability to work in a high energy and fast-paced environment. Excellent opportunity to learn all aspects of post production; background and/or interest in Visual Effects...

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Matinees, A Plea

By Patrick Regan I think we should go to matinees more often. Well, I think we should all try to get out to the theater more often, but I’ve written enough about why theaters...

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Film School: Tabletop RPGs

By Patrick Regan Let’s talk Dungeons and Dragons. It’s time again for me to play amateur film professor, and this week, I’m going to tell you to pick up some dice, find a gaming...

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Executive Assistant

An established television production company, with unscripted projects in various stages from development to delivery, is seeking an assistant to three executive producers.  Responsibilities include rolling calls, scheduling, running errands and managing office operations. Candidates must...

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Reality Television production company is looking for a driver to drive one of their top executives 5 days a week. Driver must be based in Santa Clarita or surrounding areas (Van Nuys, Burbank, etc.)...

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As Above, So Below

By Patrick Regan I have never, in my life, disliked a movie so much I walked out of it. This is not due to any inherent stubbornness or ability to take mental pain, I’m...

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Actor Submitter

Management agency that has been in the business for 35+ years. We represent actors, writers, and directors. View full listing on HiddenHollywoodJobs.com

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Director of Public Relations

Gravitas Ventures is a leading distributor of independent cinema. Founded in 2006 with a focus on Video-On-Demand, Gravitas connects independent filmmakers, producers and distribution companies with leading distribution partners across the globe. Working with...