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Outside Films

By Patrick Regan If you want to make movies professionally, move to Los Angeles. This is the conventional wisdom and I’m sorry to say that it’s more or less true. You can probably get...

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History of Snowpiercer

By Patrick Regan Go see Snowpiercer. Normally I save that judgement until the end of the review, and technically this isn’t even a review. But I don’t care, go see Snowpiercer. Our beat on...

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Student Film

By Patrick Regan Whoo boy. Okay. Breathe Patrick. Breathe. This isn’t that big a deal, right? Just a student film. You were young. We were all young once. Hi! At this point you should...

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REVIEW: John and Jane

Looking for an under-the-radar, genre-bending documentary that combines the topicality of a current events story with the magic of multimedia storytelling? Look no further! Initially released in 2005, Ashim Ahluwalia’s directorial debut, John and...

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Happy Madison Seeking Assistant

Executive at Happy Madison is seeking an assistant to begin immediately. This position requires an understanding of production hours and someone who will go the extra mile to get the job… VIEW FULL LISTING

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Assistant II, Twentieth Century Fox Television

The 2nd Assistant will support an executive with Twentieth Century Fox Television. The ideal candidate will have experience in a production, agency or entertainment company. The position will be responsible… VIEW FULL LISTING